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GWO Slinger Signaller (GWO-SLS) (โทรจองผ่านแอดมินเท่านั้น)
GWO Slinger Signaller (GWO-SLS) (โทรจองผ่านแอดมินเท่านั้น)




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GWO Slinger Signaller (GWO-SLS) (โทรจองผ่านแอดมินเท่านั้น)
GWO Slinger Signaller (GWO-SLS) (โทรจองผ่านแอดมินเท่านั้น)



GWO Slinger Signaller (GWO-SLS) (โทรจองผ่านแอดมินเท่านั้น) Training Course Outline Course Name: GWO Slinger Signaller (GWO-SLS) Training Duration: 2 Days (Including Theory & Practical Training) Training Time: 08:30 – 16:30 Delegate to Trainer Ratio: Theory 12 Students to 1 Instructor & Practical 12 Students to 2 Instructors. Registration Fee: 12,000.00 Baht / Person. Certification: Certificate to be issued by Global Wind Organisation (GWO). Certification Validity Period: Statement of Attainment valid for 2 years from date of issue. Training Location: 3M Safety Training Center Thailand /or Onsite. Overview: Upon completion of the GWO Slinger Signaller Standard (SLS), participants will be aware of the risks and hazards encountered when working with slinger signalling within the wind industry. Furthermore, they will be able to control and mitigate those risks and hazards. The GWO Slinger Signaller Standard training will also equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and ability to appropriately respond in the event of a hazardous situation and to increase their safety through proper use of personal protective equipment, emergency equipment, procedures, and safe craftsmanship. Training in accordance with this standard will enable participants to take responsibility to support and care for themselves and others while working with slinger signalling in the wind industry by possessing the required knowledge, skills, and ability to conduct assigned tasks safely and efficiently. Target Audience: Personnel working within the wind industry conducting slinging techniques and signalling during simple lifting operations, meaning lifts conducted based on a lifting plan covering known hazards. Student Prerequisites: Students should be physically fit and able to participate in moderately strenuous practical activities. Students shall be following Drug / Alcohol Policy. Students don’t were any short trouser and sandal to Training Center. Student shall prepare and were Safety Boots for Training. Document Prerequisite for Training: • Medical Checkup Document. • Copy of ID. Card /or Passport. • Personal WINDA ID. Learning Objectives: The participants of the slinger signaller module will have the ability to: 1. On their own, take responsibility to attach and detach the load to and from the crane lifting attachment (Ability, intermediate level) 2. Take responsibility to initiate and direct the safe movement of the crane, including multiple slinger signallers during limited or blind lifts in both familiar and unfamiliar situations (Ability, intermediate level) 3. Take responsibility for their role and responsibilities during the lift (Ability, intermediate level) 4. On their own, take responsibility for visual pre- and post-inspection on lifting accessories and load (Ability, intermediate level) 5. Take responsibility for handling lifting accessories (Ability, intermediate level) 6. Act independently when taking responsibility for ensuring safe lift-off and lay down of the load (Ability, intermediate level) 7. Take responsibility for slinging various types of loads, based on weight, centre of gravity, shape, and size and to seek guidance when needed (Ability, intermediate level) 8. Take responsibility to carry out generic routine lifts in accordance with the lift plan independently and responsibly (Ability, intermediate level) 9. Take responsibility to comply with instructions/procedures set up by the employer to manage lifting and to seek guidance when needed (Ability, intermediate level) 10. Take responsibility to ensure that equipment is properly applied, maintained and that defects are reported (Ability, intermediate level) Note: This cost is included as the following items below, when conduct training at 3M Safety Training Center Thailand: • Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be supported during Practical Training such as Safety Helmet, Safety Glasses, Coverall and Gloves. • Meal Provided with Lunch and 2 Coffee breaks per Day.

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