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Banksman and Rigging & Slinging Techniques
Banksman and Rigging & Slinging Techniques




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มกราคม 2564
(2วัน) 08.30 - 16.30 น. 20
กุมภาพันธ์ 2564
(2วัน) 08.30 - 16.30 น. 20
มีนาคม 2564
(2วัน) 08.30 - 16.30 น. 20

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Banksman and Rigging & Slinging Techniques
Banksman and Rigging & Slinging Techniques



Banksman and Rigging & Slinging Techniques
Training Duration:    2 Days (Including Theory & Practical Training)
Training Time: 08:30 – 16:30
Class Size: Minimum 6 Persons / Maximum 20 Persons.
Certification: Certificate to be issued by 3M-Training Center Thailand.
Certification Validity Period: Statement of Attainment valid for 2 years from date of issue.
Training Location: 3M Training Center Thailand /or Onsite Training.

For more information or Registration 
please contact Call Center Tel. 02 106 8259 Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00
e-Mail: training@3mdelivery.com​

This course has been designed to meet or exceed the minimum standard for Rigger and Banksman to be requested attending the training, as stipulated by Thai Law with the provision of Ministerial of Labor Regulation on the Prescribing of Standard for Administration and Management of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment in Relation to Mechanism, Crane and Boiler Work B.E. 2552, the regulation of Department of Labour Protection and Welfare for Guideline & Training Method of Crane Operator, Signal Person (Banksman), Riggers /or Crane Operation Supervisor Training Course and Training Refresher Course B.E. 2554 and referable the minimum requirement of API RP2D Standard.
This course is aimed at delivering students the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to lifting & rigging activities procedure including hand signal and to understand the basic structure of crane, operating principles and associated systems.
To provide the theoretical and practical skills and knowledge required to enable the students to understand and use proper lifting & rigging operation techniques.

Target Audience:
Any and all personnel, who are required working in lifting & rigging operation and working around the cranes.

Student Prerequisites:
Students should be physically fit and able to participate in moderately strenuous practical activities.
Students shall be following Drug / Alcohol Policy.
Students don’t were any short trouser and sandal to Training Center.
Document Prerequisite for Training:

  • Copy of ID-Card /or Passport.
  • Medical Certificate must have detail of Eye Vision & Color Blindness Test.

Learning Objectives:
On completion, students will be able to demonstrate competence in the theory and practice of the following:

  • To understand the basic structure and operation principles of lifting & rigging activities.
  • To understand the basic structure of crane.
  • Identify legislative requirements, roles, standard and responsibilities for work operation.
  • Identify hazards while lifting & rigging operation.
  • Identify control measures to mitigate risk while crane operation.
  • Apply best practices for accident prevention.
  • Apply best practices for the selection, use and maintenance of lifting equipment.
  • To understand standard signals.
  • To understand sling angle & weight calculation.
  • Perform pre-use inspection of the lifting & rigging equipment.
  • Apply best practices for lifting & rigging work.
  • Apply best practices for standard signal.

Content Covered:
1. Introduction to Thai Law and API RP 2D recommendations:

  • Definitions
    1. API RP 2D
    2. Qualified Operator
    3. Qualified Rigger
    4. Qualified Inspector
  • Operations
  1. Rigger Qualifications and Operating Practices
  2. Handling of the load
  3. Hand Signals
  4. Personnel Transfer (class room overview)
  • Wire Rope and Sling Inspection, Replacement and Maintenance
  1. Inspection and replacement criteria
  2. Wire rope slings
  3. Synthetic slings
  4.  Lubrication
  • Frequency
  • Application 

2. Introduction to “Your company” Crane Program:

  • Definitions
  • Crane Requirements
  • Training
  • Operator Classification
  • Crane file/Record Book
  • Lift Team Responsibilities
  • Rigger Responsibilities

3. Practical training and test:

  • Group Inspection of the rigging gear
  • Group participation in JSA form completion
  • Group participation in lifting & rigging practices

4. Individual Hands on Operation and Evaluations:

  • JSA form completion
  • Pre-Use inspection
  • Lifting & Rigging operation techniques
  • Evaluation on each employee
  • Completion of the course

Completion Requirements:

  • Minimum 70% score on written exam.
  • Satisfactory completion of practical operating test.

Note: This cost is included as the following items below, when conduct training at 3M Training Center Thailand: 

  • Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be supported during Practical Training such as Safety Helmet, Safety Glasses, Coverall, Gloves and Safety Boots.
  • Meal Provided with Lunch and 2 Coffee breaks per Day.

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